Thursday, October 16, 2014

My AWESOME staff!

Can I just brag about my staff for a moment? I mean really, they are so incredible. Apparently today was Boss' Day. I walked in to lovely flowers and a gift certificate to my favorite nail salon. Pretty awesome, huh? Here's the thing...that's not even why I think they are so amazing. Don't get me wrong, I SO appreciate the gift and will be using it soon, but it really speaks to who each of them are. These women are thoughtful, generous, and sweet among so many other things. They are passionate. They are really smart. They are funny. Gosh we have so much fun laughing together. And I am so lucky that not only do I get to work beside them, I get to call them my friends. I know some of you reading this get the privilege of knowing them, but for those of you who don't, here are my favorite things about each of them.

Caroline- First things first, she's my very best friend. I'm really not sure how I'd get through each day without her. She speaks truth to me (which can hurt sometimes) and helps me become a better person. She keeps me organized and on task. We think alike. My life is better because of her. At work, she is the rock. She always has the right answer and the best idea of how to handle a situation. She's great with parents, students, and teachers. She's just awesome!

Tammy- Tammy is so passionate about teaching. She is always finding new ways to teach something or amazing websites or materials to use. I love talking to Tammy about school. We could seriously spend all day talking about reading or handwriting or adding. I love that she gets so excited about her students progress. They know she's proud of them!!

Veronnica- She is super motivated and a go-getter! V. is a great planner and very organized. Our after school students love her and she does a great job at keeping our parents informed. She is a hard worker and takes her responsibilities very seriously. And she's an obsessive counter on field trips like me ;)

Shelley- Shelley is an awesome two year old teacher! I feel like so many people think two year olds aren't capable of learning in school and she knows that's not true! She teaches them with the same passion and expectations as our teachers in older classrooms and they learn a LOT! She is very kind and really works hard to make her classroom a fun, loving place for her students.

Melissa- Melissa and I are kindred spirits. We love our kids with the same fierceness (and maybe we're both a little overbearing.) Melissa is so loving to our students and treats them like she'd treat her own children. She is so positive and sweet!!

Pam- She is seriously the most positive person I have ever met. She always has the BEST attitude and puts on a happy face for her students even if she doesn't feel that way on the inside. She is so loving. I jokingly said that I need to have a talk with her about how long she takes to put kids in the car at pick-up line because she has to hug them and kiss their cheeks before she buckles them in. It's no wonder kids cheer when she walks in the room!

Kalyn- Kalyn probably gets tired of me always pointing this out but she is so super organized. I so wish I could be like that. She is always on top of things! She is awesome at planning fun activities and especially good at planning themed activities. She's also really great at knowing what is age-appropriate and having realistic expectations for her students.

Autumn- Autumn truly strives to be the very best teacher she can be. She works hard to make preschool a great experience for all of her students. She speaks so sweetly to them and makes them feel loved. She is always looking for the best in her students and helps them feel good about themselves.

Michelle- Oh Michelle. Where do I start? I love that Michelle and I have a friendship that only her and I get. We can seriously say anything to each other (hurtful, teasing, serious) and it's always okay. She is super-duper fun and creative. She really does make the best worksheets! She can dance and sing and the kiddos love her for it! Also, she makes the most amazing desserts, well, food in general.

Natalie- Natalie is an amazing teacher. She is so prepared. I always feel like she is so on top of things. She also has the best attitude too. She treats it as an honor to teach her class which I LOVE. She is a hard-worker and always goes above and beyond!!

Stephanie- Stephanie has one of the hardest jobs at CDS and rocks it! Somehow she remains calm in the midst of chaos! She is super sweet and loves her cute, little toddlers. Stephanie is also so funny and just plain fun to be around!! Also, she cleans non-stop and I love it!!!!

Jane- Jane works so great with our students in small groups! One of my favorite things about Jane is that she has such a special place in her heart for kids that are having a hard time. She really does everything she can to help students reach their fullest potential. She's an amazing resource and advocate for our students!!

Jodi- Jodi loves to do all the things I hate. She organizes and cleans and I love it! She keeps order. She is so helpful to Caroline and I. She makes my job so much easier and I love having her around this year!! She is also so kind and sweet and jumps in wherever we need her!

Erica- Sweet. That's Erica. She's just so sweet. She's so soft spoken and kind. When you see her with students, you just know that she loves them and they know it too!!

Susan- Susan is an amazing Bible Buddies teacher! She is so caring and loving and plans amazing lessons for our kiddos. She is super organized and a great planner!

If you know these incredible women, you probably also love all these things about them! I know one thing, I am SO thankful for them!!


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