Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Open House for New Families

We are excitedly preparing for our 2015-2016 school year here at Coastal Day School!! I still can't believe that it will be our 10th school year! What a great honor it has been getting to teach and love amazing children and families of Leland! I am very much looking forward to meeting the new students and parents that will join our CDS family next year!

We will be holding an Open House on Thursday, January 15th from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. This night is for new families to come tour our school, meet our staff, and enroll for the 2015-2016 school year which starts in September 2015. This will be the first opportunity for new families to enroll.

Click here to find our enrollment packet including registration forms and our parent handbook.

To enroll your child that night, you will be required to turn in all paperwork as well as the registration fee and tuition deposit as outlined on the tuition contract.

Please email me at ashley@coastaldayschool.com if you have any questions about the Open House or the 2015-2016 school year.

I hope to meet you and your family at the Open House and introduce you to our amazing staff!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Funny Five-Year Olds

Today I had the pleasure of hanging out with Tammy's kindergartners for a little bit. Let me tell you, they are hilarious!! We were talking about who had what job for the day and here are their funny little explanations...

The Pledge-a-leger: This is the child that gets to hold the flag for the pledge. This is a pretty big deal! They informed me that this was the coolest job of all!

The Astodian: This is the child that gets the broom for Miss Tammy throughout the day. Apparently, this is a really cool job to have because you get to walk through the baby room to get it.

The Light Thermometer: This is the child that gets to turn the lights on and off when they leave the room for recess or specials. I was told by this funny group of five year olds that "this is really usually an adult's job but because Miss Tammy is really nice, she lets the kids do it!"

In addition to the flag holder, custodian, and light monitor, they also have other jobs like the calendar helper, the weather helper, and the messenger. Being the messenger is a REALLY hard job because you have to walk ALL .THE. WAY. to my office and back which is, according to the kindergartners, four-thousand ,five-million seventy-two hundred miles away from their classroom. Bet you didn't know we had such a large school!

So grateful for such an awesome, little kindergarten class! It's always fun when I get to hang out with them!!


Thursday, October 16, 2014

My AWESOME staff!

Can I just brag about my staff for a moment? I mean really, they are so incredible. Apparently today was Boss' Day. I walked in to lovely flowers and a gift certificate to my favorite nail salon. Pretty awesome, huh? Here's the thing...that's not even why I think they are so amazing. Don't get me wrong, I SO appreciate the gift and will be using it soon, but it really speaks to who each of them are. These women are thoughtful, generous, and sweet among so many other things. They are passionate. They are smart...like really smart. They are funny. Gosh we have so much fun laughing together. And I am so lucky that not only do I get to work beside them, I get to call them my friends. I know some of you reading this get the privilege of knowing them, but for those of you who don't, here are my favorite things about each of them.

Caroline- First things first, she's my very best friend. I'm really not sure how I'd get through each day without her. She speaks truth to me (which can hurt sometimes) and helps me become a better person. She keeps me organized and on task. We think alike. My life is better because of her. At work, she is the rock. She always has the right answer and the best idea of how to handle a situation. She's great with parents, students, and teachers. She's just awesome!

Tammy- Tammy is so passionate about teaching. She is always finding new ways to teach something or amazing websites or materials to use. I love talking to Tammy about school. We could seriously spend all day talking about reading or handwriting or adding. I love that she gets so excited about her students progress. They know she's proud of them!!

Veronnica- She is super motivated and a go-getter! V. is a great planner and very organized. Our after school students love her and she does a great job at keeping our parents informed. She is a hard worker and takes her responsibilities very seriously. And she's an obsessive counter on field trips like me ;)

Shelley- Shelley is an awesome two year old teacher! I feel like so many people think two year olds aren't capable of learning in school and she knows that's not true! She teaches them with the same passion and expectations as our teachers in older classrooms and they learn a LOT! She is very kind and really works hard to make her classroom a fun, loving place for her students.

Melissa- Melissa and I are kindred spirits. We love our kids with the same fierceness (and maybe we're both a little overbearing.) Melissa is so loving to our students and treats them like she'd treat her own children. She is so positive and sweet!!

Pam- She is seriously the most positive person I have ever met. She always has the BEST attitude and puts on a happy face for her students even if she doesn't feel that way on the inside. She is so loving. I jokingly said that I need to have a talk with her about how long she takes to put kids in the car at pick-up line because she has to hug them and kiss their cheeks before she buckles them in. It's no wonder kids cheer when she walks in the room!

Kalyn- Kalyn probably gets tired of me always pointing this out but she is so super organized. I so wish I could be like that. She is always on top of things! She is awesome at planning fun activities and especially good at planning themed activities. She's also really great at knowing what is age-appropriate and having realistic expectations for her students.

Autumn- Autumn truly strives to be the very best teacher she can be. She works hard to make preschool a great experience for all of her students. She speaks so sweetly to them and makes them feel loved. She is always looking for the best in her students and helps them feel good about themselves.

Michelle- Oh Michelle. Where do I start? I love that Michelle and I have a friendship that only her and I get. We can seriously say anything to each other (hurtful, teasing, serious) and it's always okay. She is super-duper fun and creative. She really does make the best worksheets! She can dance and sing and the kiddos love her for it! Also, she makes the most amazing desserts, well, food in general.

Natalie- Natalie is an amazing teacher. She is so prepared. I always feel like she is so on top of things. She also has the best attitude too. She treats it as an honor to teach her class which I LOVE. She is a hard-worker and always goes above and beyond!!

Stephanie- Stephanie has one of the hardest jobs at CDS and rocks it! Somehow she remains calm in the midst of chaos! She is super sweet and loves her cute, little toddlers. Stephanie is also so funny and just plain fun to be around!! Also, she cleans non-stop and I love it!!!!

Jane- Jane works so great with our students in small groups! One of my favorite things about Jane is that she has such a special place in her heart for kids that are having a hard time. She really does everything she can to help students reach their fullest potential. She's an amazing resource and advocate for our students!!

Jodi- Jodi loves to do all the things I hate. She organizes and cleans and I love it! She keeps order. She is so helpful to Caroline and I. She makes my job so much easier and I love having her around this year!! She is also so kind and sweet and jumps in wherever we need her!

Erica- Sweet. That's Erica. She's just so sweet. She's so soft spoken and kind. When you see her with students, you just know that she loves them and they know it too!!

Susan- Susan is an amazing Bible Buddies teacher! She is so caring and loving and plans amazing lessons for our kiddos. She is super organized and a great planner!

If you know these incredible women, you probably also love all these things about them! I know one thing, I am SO thankful for them!!


Friday, September 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Coastal Day School!!

Today we are celebrating our 8th birthday! What a crazy, exciting, wonderful eight years it has been! We have had the opportunity to meet hundreds of sweet kiddos, amazing, supportive parents, and the best teachers I have ever known!!! I am so very thankful to everyone who has partnered with us to create an amazing preschool, kindergarten, and after school program. I am very aware that I could not have done this alone! I am looking forward to the future and excited about what is to come for our little school. I thought it would be appropriate to share my goals with everyone (business and personal) and hope you will all help me stay on track. Here they are...my goals that I want to reach over the next eight years:

1. Build our own building!! Seriously, this can't happen soon enough for me! It will have wide hallways, lots of parking, and of course be bright and cheery! I spend way too much time sketching what I want it to look like. I am REALLY hoping our 10th birthday will be celebrated by breaking ground on our new facility!

2. Add grades 1st-5th. I am blown away with the incredible things our little preschoolers learn each day and would love to be able to offer the same opportunity to older children. It is funny to me that this was never part of my dream until recently. I hated saying good-bye to our kindergartners last year and can't wait until I can say "see you in first grade next year!!"

3. Go back to school for business. While I am so grateful for my education and experience in Early Childhood, I had to learn the hard way when it comes to the business end of things around here. I know this will be very valuable to me as our business grows.

I'm so grateful for everything I have learned over the last eight years owing this business. I think back to the person I was when we opened and it's hard to believe that was me!!! The experiences, parents, students, employees, hard times, and wonderful times have shaped me into the person I am. I'm excited for the future and to make these goals a reality! Here's to another eight years!!

Friday, August 29, 2014

The Countdown is On!

It's that time of year again and I am getting so excited! School starts in just 4 days!!! We have been working so hard to prepare our facility for all our awesome students! On Wednesday evening we had our Open House which was a great time! We had an amazing turn out and gave away 170 cups of Kona Ice!
Our teachers spent their week setting up their classrooms and getting ready for their sweet students. Check them out...
Miss Natalie's Four Year Old Classroom

Miss Shelley and Miss Melissa's Two Year Old Classroom

Miss Autumn and Miss Michelle's Four Year Old Classroom

Miss Pam and Miss Kalyn's Three Year Old Classroom

Our new Library

Miss Veronnica and Miss Stephanie's Mommy's Morning Out Classroom

Miss Tammy's Kindergarten Classroom

We can't wait for our first day on Tuesday!! I hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Summer at Coastal Day School

This week is our last week of summer programs here at CDS. While I’m sad that the pool days and laser tag has come to an end, I am super excited for our preschool and kindergarten programs to start! We are finishing up our expansion project and our teachers have started planning and setting up classrooms. As some of you already know, I absolutely LOVE this time of year!!!! As excited as I am about the school year starting, I have to admit that this was one of my very favorite summers. Here is a short recap of our summer and all the fun (and work) we had!!

Summer Camp
Miss Veronnica and Miss Michelle led the way with our seven weeks of summer camp, each week a different theme. We had so much fun with Aloha Summer, Under the Sea, Summer Olympics, Mad Science, What’s Cooking, Games Galore, and lastly, Peace Out. We spent our days playing fun games, going on exciting field trips, and building awesome friendships! Here are some pictures of our days!!


Summer Preschool
Miss Kalyn planned a summer full of fun activities for our littlest campers. They enjoyed their theme weeks as well. They had fun with Down on the Farm, Under the Big Top, Princesses and Pirates, Bugs and Butterflies, Blast into Space, Beach Bums, and lastly, Deep in the Jungle. Our students had so much fun, they didn't even realize they were learning!!

Our Expansion Project
We are finishing up our new side of the building and we’re VERY excited to reveal the new space! The new space will house our library, three year old classroom, our two-day and three-day, four year old classroom, and a teacher lounge/meeting space. We are loving how things are turning out and can’t wait to have students occupying the space!! Here are a few pictures of our progress and some before and afters.

Now you see it...

...now you don't!
This is the wall that separated our old space from the new space. The picture was taken in our future library.
The wall is gone!!

We are in love with our new library!!

Our future three year old classroom. Gross!
Goodbye nasty carpet and wall!!!
We're making progress!!

A new bathroom!
Now our new bathroom is looking much better!!

Our future two-day and three-day four year old classroom.
It's not complete but looking much better!!

New Teachers
Since last school year ended, we have added a few smiling faces to our amazing staff! Miss Autumn will be joining our team as the five-day, four year old teacher and Miss Natalie will officially start as the two-day and three-day, four year old teacher. Miss Stephanie will be helping out in our Mommy’s Morning Out Program and Miss Melissa will be helping out in the two year old class. Miss Susan will be teaching our Bible Buddies program, and our last new staff member is Miss Jodi who will be assisting in the office. Here is a picture of our ladies night at the Little Dipper.
Back row left to right: Miss Autumn (4's), Miss Michelle (4's), Miss Natalie (4's), Miss Shelley (2's), Miss Tammy (K), and Miss Jodi (office).
Front row left to right: Miss Melissa (2's), Miss Caroline (office), Miss Veronnica (MMO), Miss Kalyn (3's), and Miss Ashley (office).
Miss from the photo: Miss Jane (Resources), Miss Pam (3's), and Miss Stephanie (MMO)

Sunday, June 8, 2014

2014 Graduation Celebration

Thursday night was amazing! Coastal Day School celebrated it's 8th Preschool Graduation Ceremony along with our very first Kindergarten Graduation! Every student got on stage, sang and danced their hearts out, recited their parts perfect, and even smiled for pictures! They were awesome! I watched in awe as these sweet, little babies became preschool and kindergarten graduates right in front of me. How did this year slip by so quickly and how did they grow so much in nine short months?! I am so very proud of each one of them! Here are some photos from parents of the evening. Enjoy!