Monday, October 27, 2014

Funny Five-Year Olds

Today I had the pleasure of hanging out with Tammy's kindergartners for a little bit. Let me tell you, they are hilarious!! We were talking about who had what job for the day and here are their funny little explanations...

The Pledge-a-leger: This is the child that gets to hold the flag for the pledge. This is a pretty big deal! They informed me that this was the coolest job of all!

The Astodian: This is the child that gets the broom for Miss Tammy throughout the day. Apparently, this is a really cool job to have because you get to walk through the baby room to get it.

The Light Thermometer: This is the child that gets to turn the lights on and off when they leave the room for recess or specials. I was told by this funny group of five year olds that "this is really usually an adult's job but because Miss Tammy is really nice, she lets the kids do it!"

In addition to the flag holder, custodian, and light monitor, they also have other jobs like the calendar helper, the weather helper, and the messenger. Being the messenger is a REALLY hard job because you have to walk ALL .THE. WAY. to my office and back which is, according to the kindergartners, four-thousand ,five-million seventy-two hundred miles away from their classroom. Bet you didn't know we had such a large school!

So grateful for such an awesome, little kindergarten class! It's always fun when I get to hang out with them!!


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