Wednesday, February 19, 2014

“I am part of everything I have read” Theodore Roosevelt

Our Scholastic Book Fair kicked off yesterday. I was so excited! I love books and book fairs. I love the smell of a new book in your hand, the print, ink, whatever it is just has a scent. My husband says it is my imagination, but that is also what a book is. A story that takes me to different places and I can be different things. A detective, a lawyer, race car driver, or a princess. I was able to watch the delight on each child's face as he or she walked into the room and noticed all the books.  For them it was as big as Barnes and Noble would be for us.  I heard the phrases “Wow” “Ah” “Look” “Can I get this?” “Oh I like this one” “I want to take this one home”.

Please come and enjoy our book fair this week.  Come by during the day or attend our family night this Thursday and browse our selection of books. You're sure to find something you'll love!!
-Pam (Resource Teacher)



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