Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I am the business, I am the client

When I started working at Coastal Day School, I was the Mommy’s Morning Out teacher and a mother of two boys, ages 4 and 1 ½.   My husband worked late afternoon into the evening, so while I was at work, he took care of our boys.  This was hard for me to leave my boys, but it was a great bonding experience for my husband with our boys. 
As other moms dropped off their children to me, I sympathized with them over how hard it is to leave your child and be able to walk away without worrying.  I made it my goal in that class to help every mom feel confident leaving their child and to take care of every child like I would want my own taken care of.  As a result, I really came to love the children in my care.  I had a regular group of mostly two year olds.  We worked on potty training, and taking turns with toys, learning how to put toys away, learning how to follow directions, art projects, and lots of play.  We had so much fun!
Two years later, my husband’s work schedule became normal 9-5 hours and we were thrilled to be expecting our third child.  As a result, I began working with Ashley in the office, training to take over all financial responsibilities.  My oldest headed off to Kindergarten and my younger son started attending Mommy’s Morning Out.  He had a difficult time adjusting, throwing tantrums, crying and screaming (Yes!  I have a screamer!).  The roles were suddenly reversed for me as I became the client.  I cannot even begin to say how grateful I am for this experience!  I saw such amazing growth and transformation as he received the same love and training that I had given my little group of kids.
My son went on to the four year old program and I worried if 5 days would be too much for him.  I remember Ashley saying to me, “Caroline, he needs this!  He will be fine.”  And she was so right.  I have never regretted sending him five days!  I watched my son learn so much so quickly!  I watched him transform socially overnight and become everyone’s friend.  I watched him loosen up and learn to dance at the Friday dance parties (one of my favorite things to watch!).  His experience left me feeling confident that he could go off to Kindergarten and be successful.  (He started Kindergarten this year and so far is doing great!)
Now my youngest is in Mommy’s Morning Out and she loves it!  And so do I!  Because I am an administrator as well as a parent at Coastal Day School, it gives me a unique perspective and has made me better at my job.  I really do understand what parents are going through especially some of those kids who have a harder time at first.  I get them!   I want every parent to walk out our doors knowing their child is being loved and taught by people who truly care about their children.  Because I work with these amazing women I know this is true.  I’m grateful for this because I’m a client too.
-Caroline (Financial Director and Mommy)
Caroline with her three sweet kiddos

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