Monday, June 4, 2018

Our Fall Lineup

We cannot believe that the end of the year is just around the corner! Miss Jodi just sent out our Welcome Packets for our 2018-2019 school year! If you didn't receive your packet, please let us know. As sad as I am to say goodbye to so many sweet families at our graduation ceremony on Thursday, I sure do love the excitement that surrounds planning and prepping for the new school year!! Next year is one of those years here at CDS that doesn't happen often (thankfully) where we will be moving teachers around and saying goodbye to a few of our fave people ever :( Change is hard for us here when it comes to our staff since they are our family, but thankfully they will still be around, subbing, helping in the summer, babysitter co-workers children, etc., so we will still get to see them on a weekly basis!!

While we are sad about the changes, we are incredibly excited about our amazing teachers that are returning for another fun-filled year here at CDS and the passion, experience, and love they bring to our little school. We have always been blessed with the best teachers and are so grateful they chose to spend their days here with our sweet students, supportive parents, and amazing co-workers!!!

Little Learners
Miss Abby and Miss Veronnica

It is with great excitement, we announce that Miss Veronnica will be back in the Little Learners classroom where it all started for her here at CDS! She is looking forward to being back in the classroom after taking a year off for maternity leave and assisting in another classroom for a year. Her sweet little one, Zoey, will be joining mom in Little Learners this year! Miss Abby can't wait to meet her new, little class and watch them grow and learn all year! Miss Abby loves doing crafts, so look forward to lots of adorable projects coming home!  It's going to be a great year, full of lots of singing and dancing!!

Two Year Old Class
Miss Shelley and Miss Melissa

Reunited and it feels so good!!! Miss Shelley and Miss Melissa will be back together in the two year old class where they both started here at CDS before they both took time off for maternity leave. Miss Shelley returned this past school year as an assistant in the four year old classroom but is ready to be back with the littles that she absolutely adores! Miss Melissa has been back at CDS for the last two years as an assistant in the three year old class but is thrilled to back in the two year old class and co-teaching with Shelley again! 

Three Year Old Class
Miss Veronnica

Miss Veronnica is over-the-moon excited about returning to her three year old class this school year! Her two-year break from this class was too long in her book and she is already planning amazing activities for her students! Miss Veronnica taught our three year old class for two years previously before spending a year in another classroom, helping a new teacher get acclimated, and a year off from our morning programs to take care of her sweet bundle of joy, Zoey! Miss Veronnica is also our after school and summer camp director, a position she has excelled in over the last four years!

Three Year Old Class
Miss Laura and Miss Anna

Miss Laura and Miss Anna are currently teaching our precious two year olds and are so happy to be moving up with them into our three year old program next year! They are looking forward to starting the year off already knowing their students and picking up right where they left off! We are excited to see the benefit of looping with this group of students and anticipate so much growth!!  (Plus all their kiddos already know all the dance moves for their fun dance parties!)

Four Year Old Class
Miss Autumn and Miss Maggie

 Miss Autumn and Miss Maggie make an amazing team and we are excited to see their class soar next year! They balance each other perfectly, making their classroom a wonderful place for their students to succeed. Get ready for amazing pictures and cuteness overload!  Miss Autumn and Miss Maggie always have something fun and exciting going on in their class.

Four Year Old Class
Miss Ashley and Miss Jordan

This mother-daughter duo is pumped to be spending a year back in the classroom, proven by the 56,565,654 pins already on their Pinterest board. Students can expect lots of fun projects and Friday dance parties!! This team will make learning interactive and so much fun!

Kindergarten Class
Miss Caitlin

Miss Caitlin will be sticking with her K kiddos for another year of fun and learning! Miss Caitlin blows us away with the skills and experience she brings to the classroom, which shows in the amazing progress we see in her students.  When you walk by Miss Caitlin's classroom, her students are always engaged in what is being taught!  

As you can see from above, we have a few names missing from the lineup. Miss Stephanie will be stepping down from her position this year to fulfill a huge need we have here at CDS. Miss Stephanie will be serving as a sub for all of our teachers to help us maintain a normal classroom routine when our staff cannot be here due to illness, emergencies, or vacations. Miss Stephanie enrolled in school last year to further her degree, so as you can imagine, a position that requires no lesson planning is a huge relief to a wife and mom of two! We are so thankful for her willingness to take on this role and know our teachers will love having her support when they can't be here!

Miss Kalyn will also be stepping down from her position in our three year old class because she is due with her first child at the end of August!!! Miss Kalyn is looking forward to spending time with her sweet, little one, but will still be around, picking up students to care for them after school! While we will miss Kalyn terribly, we are so excited for this next chapter of her life and can't wait to celebrate the birth of her sweet girl with her!!!

And lastly, Miss Natalie will be returning to a full-time position at a local public school to once again be in the same school as her daughter, Finley. We are so grateful for the support and love Miss Natalie has given us here at CDS and will miss her so much! Miss Natalie will still be here over the summer and we hope that her schedule allows for that continue in the future!
We can't wait to celebrate our first day of school with our returning and new families!!! It's going to be an amazing year!!

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