Monday, November 14, 2016

Preparing for Another School Year!

I'm always surprised how quickly this time comes each year. It feels like we just start to get into the groove of our new school year and then it's time to start thinking about the next one. Each year we come up with the *perfect* plan and then when enrollment is over, we take notes of everything we need to change for the following year. It never fails and our plan has yet to be perfect after all of these years. So, with that being said, here's how we are doing it this year:

We will be holding an Open House for new families to come tour our facility, meet our teachers, and ask any questions you may have on Wednesday, January 18, 2017 from 6:30 to 7:30pm. We will have information packets available that evening and our administrative team will be available to answer questions. Children are welcome to attend. After the Open House, if you decide you would like to enroll your child, you will receive a card with instructions on what to do next. I've included a picture of the card below in case you misplace yours or want to knock the first step out now :)

We will email out a link on January 23, 2017. This link will be to a form that we need you to complete with your name and contact info, along with your child's name and preferred class. You can list up to three children per form. All forms that are submitted will be time stamped. We will begin processing the forms in the order they come in and place children in any spaces we have available. If your child receives a space, you will receive an email on January 25, 2017 with instructions on how to pay the $125.00 new student fee and when we will need your child's paperwork. If your child does not receive a space, they will be placed on our waiting list and you will receive an email by January 27, 2017.

We are excited to meet new families and it's our hope that all of you can join us for another amazing school year!!! We are currently fundraising with hopes of expanding our school in the near future so we can fit more sweet students into our awesome programs! Please let us know if you have any questions! We look forward to seeing you on January 18th :)

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