Thursday, April 28, 2016

Goodbyes are never easy...

It is very rare that I post sad blogs on here. Most of my posts are about something wonderful and exciting going on here at Coastal Day School. However, today's post has tears dropping on my keyboard as I type it. If you frequent this blog, you know that I absolutely ADORE my staff. You know that I have said a million times that we are more than co-workers, we are family. A family that walks through life together and celebrates and mourns together. It's with great sadness (and excitement for them) that I inform you that our family is changing and that we will be saying goodbye to some of our amazing teachers and my very dear friends at the end of the school year. 

As most of you know, Miss Pam transitioned into a full time position at the beginning of March because of changes in her husband's job. We are so happy for their family that her husband has found a new job but that job is taking them to Florida. Up until this point, I haven't had to say goodbye to Pam. She has subbed for us a few times since she left, we've attended celebrations together, and we knew she'd be teaching summer preschool. But now the time has come we have to say goodbye. Thankfully, she will be able to attend our graduation ceremony so everyone can get one last Pam hug! Pam was such an asset to our teaching team and will be greatly missed by all.

I wish this post was ending now but unfortunately, I have more to share. Miss Susan, our beloved Bible Buddies teacher has accepted a full time teaching position at a school in Wilmington that her daughter attends. While we are very sad about this, it is an amazing opportunity for their family and we are very happy for them. Her sweetness and fun lessons and songs will be missed so deeply around CDS. She has truly been an answer to prayer and we wish her and her family the absolute best!!

And lastly, Miss Tammy, our amazing Kindergarten teacher also will be moving this summer and starting a new adventure with her family in Alabama. There are so many things I could say about Miss Tammy and how big her part has been at CDS. She has been a constant source of support for me through this journey and I will miss her immensely. Below is a letter Miss Tammy has asked me to share.

"Over the last 5 years, I have been blessed to be part of the Coastal Day School family, as a parent, and as the Kindergarten teacher. My youngest, now 7, started CDS, in the Mommy's Morning Out program, at age 2.  I immediately feel in love with CDS.  Mia adored going to school and I always felt she was loved.  What started as a break for me, turned into an amazing opportunity. I had the desire to go back to teaching, after 6 years as a stay at home mom, yet not wanting to work full time.  When Ashley proposed the idea of starting a half-day Kindergarten at CDS, I was excited and nervous.  Fast forward 3 ½ years and I look back and think about the process.  I have had the privilege of working with an amazing administration, staff, students and parents.  I feel blessed to have had this extraordinary journey.  With that being said, the Kindergarten program, is sort of, my baby.  I developed the program, set the standards, picked the curriculum and got it up and running. After three short years, it is a full program with a waiting list.  I am proud to say I was part of it.

As the school year comes to a close, my family will be relocating to Birmingham, Alabama.   My husband has accepted a job with Southern Nuclear Company.  It's strange how life makes a full circle some times. An opportunity came looking for Randall, and the perks that came along were too good to pass up. For Randall and I, it's like going back home.  We were both born and raised in Alabama.  Though, we will still be a couple of hours from home, we are excited to be closer and have our family be able to attend exciting events the girls participate in.  I will admit, coming in a close second to family, will be experiencing “Alabama Football” weekends with them. 

As I leave with a heavy heart, I am very excited to announce my replacement, Natalie Sasser.  Natalie holds a NC Teaching License, taught Kindergarten at Supply Elementary and is currently working on her Master's Degree in Curriculum, Instruction and Supervision. Natalie has been one of the 4 year old teachers for 2 years and was my sub for Kindergarten the first year.  She has worked with me all year, rotating learning center groups to best benefit our current students.  More importantly, Natalie is an amazing person. Her personality and passion for teaching will only benefit the Kindergarten program  Families moving into kindergarten next year are going to have an amazing year with Mrs. Natalie."

Goodness, we will miss these ladies so much and feel so honored to have been able to work with them. Each of them have had a big part in our little school.

We are in the process of finding new teachers to join our family. Because of the changes, a few of our current teachers will be stepping into new roles as we work to find each of our staff's "sweet spot"! I know that change can sometimes be scary but we feel very confident that we will find the perfect teachers to help us grow, learn, and have fun next school year!!

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